In this gathering we dance 100%, in a clean environment of alcohol, drugs and smoke, where our infinite energy is revealed through movement.

Ecstatic Dance is an international free dance movement that invites us to dance and celebrate. On the dance floor, the proposal is not to talk, not to use the phone and surrender to the music in barefoot, at the rhythm of a sound journey that takes us to many places in our body and soul.

Ecstatic Dance was inspired by the work of Gabrielle Roth (70’s choreographer) who realized that dance had great therapeutic effects.

Following the Ecstatic international manual, the sound wave goes through 7 phases where different rhythms and states take us on a unique journey!

The movement in Portugal is growing and the community grows every year.

Virgílio Beatriz is the founder, space holder, facilitator & Dj at Ecstatic Dance Arrábida, Ecstatic Dance Lisboa and helped others to start: Porto, Coimbra, Sintra, Almada, Mushina, Faro, Lagos, Piracanga (Brazil) – and is always available to help more Ecstatic Dance to start all over the world : )

Facilitates monthly Ecstatic Dance Arrábida (near Lisbon) and organizes 2 big Gatherings per year (Solstice and New year’s).

Since 2014, it has facilitated and organized more than 150 Ecstatic Dance in Portugal, Brazil, Czech Republic and India.

Video of last Ecstatic Life Gathering:

Bio Virgílio in Ecstatic Dance International:

Waves/ sets listen here:

“If you just set people in motion they’ll heal themselves.”

Gabrielle Roth



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