When you do things that come from the soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy, an ecstasy.


Awakening the essence is Virgílio’s great purpose. Awakening his own and the others has been his mission since 2006. Through spaces where we can discover our potential, express our being and raise our vibration and surroundings.

He use different knowledge and tools in his Retreats, Gatherings and Sessions: Shamanism, Psychology, Sufism, Neuroscience, Music, Dance, Voice, Tantra, Active Meditations and other knowledge in order to awaken the true essence of each one.

Since 2009, he has lead more than 300 Retreats/ Workshops, mainly in Portugal, and also in Brazil, India and the Czech Republic.

At the moment he facilitates regularly: Purpose & Vocation retreats/ workshops – since 2010; “Ecstatic Dance Portugal” (Lisbon, Arrábida & international) – since 2014 ”; “NÓS VOZ” (mantras & voice medicine) – since 2016; and Ritualized Retreats /& Gatherings – since 2016.

He lives in Arrábida mountain, in a windmill house, in contact with the abundant nature, where he finds all the energy and magic to create these spaces to “awaken the essence”.

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Virgílio creates spaces for the essence of each one to awaken, shine and perdure. He is a natural facilitator with inexhaustible energy and extraordinary sensitivity.

Joana Carvalho