NÓS VOZ = OUR VOICE / Through our voice we connect, heal and celebrate together.

The voice is a tool and a portal for us to connect with ourselves and with the whole in a very simple and magical way.

NÓS VOZ has this mission to help everyone to open this internal portal where the 5th chakra awakens and where we leave each experience with a very high vibration.

We create songs, mantras and medicine songs mostly in Portuguese that lead us to enter a unique energetic spiral through the interaction of the various voices present at each meeting.

An active meditation that fills the soul ❤

> Interactive concerts & mantra circles where everyone is invited to sing and increase energy together.

> Workshops & retreats to awaken our voices and use them as a tool for connection, healing and celebration


NÓS VOZ was created in 2016 for this purpose and since then many voices have passed through here!

Since the first circle, in June 2017, we have co-created many magical moments, mostly in Portugal, but also in Brazil, India and the Czech Republic.

A short summary of our history in numbers:

> 78 Mantras & Medicine songs circles NÓS VOZ

> 32 Workshops “Healing Voice Awakening”

> 1 Retreat

> 74 original mantras & medicine songs

>> .. and more than 8,000 voices that have already opened here<3

* WHO? *

> Virgílio Beatriz: founder, resident and co-creator of this movement, where he creates original mantras and facilitates the NÓS VOZ gatherings

> Mariana Travassos: Resident and co-creator of this movement, where she creates original mantras and musical compositions.

Incredible musicians and people have passed through here:

> Co-creators and former residents: Mariana Guimarães (co-founder), João Vagos, Marta Carvalho, André Adonis, Patrícia Herdeiro and Vanessa Spencer.

> Co-creators and guests: Mariana Root, Baltazar Molina, Monaxi, Edgar Valente, Sofia Sundari, Raja Chowdhury, Nuno Pereira, Inês Ripamonti, Chandi Oliveira, Bruno Teixeira, João Senna, Bárbara Luna, Kalid, Pedro Paz, Pedro de Faro, João Mata, Declan Ji, Ricardo Pinto, Tiago Silva, Helena Reis, Jen Amor, Mariana Barros, Pedro Collares, Raul Carvalho, Taban, Adriano Pereira, among many other musicians and friends.

> Co-creators and atual residents (since 2021): Virgílio Beatriz, Mariana Travassos e Carolina Marcelino.

> Support in production, sound and communication: Carlota Oliveira, Cláudia Freches, Isabel Penedo Martins, Marta Marto, Susana Hoyos, Mónica Barbosa, Tiago Bento, Hugo Martins and Pedro de Faro.

* WHERE? *

Centro Tinkuy, Boom Festival, Sacred Dance Gathering (Czech Rep.), Zorba the Buddha – OSHO center (India), ZNA Festival, ZIMP Festival, Centro Piracanga (Brazil), Awakeland, Ecstatic Dance Lisboa, Ecstatic Dance Arrábida, Casa do Pateo, Biovilla, Servivo, Horus , Spiral Center, School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quintinha do Mar, Experimental Agora, Art Kaizen Awakeland, Gaya Meco, Quinta da Enxara and Vale Rossim.

* Where to listen? *

The experience is always “live” so we don’t have a lot of audio records.

However there is an album recorded in 2018 in the Arrábida Mountain forest with about 50 voices and many birds : )

If you want you can listen and buy here: https://nosvoz.bandcamp.com/


* Next events?*